Equestrian Buying Guide

Musto's fashionable collection can be used at the stables or equestrian events and is also ideal for wearing out and about in the High Street.

Shooting Buying Guide

Our shooting collections are made with the best materials available, such as GORE-TEX® and d3o™. This guide contains information on the various material options along with examples of products which feature them.

Choosing the right garments for your pursuit can be a confusing task, with so many fabrics, technologies and types to choose from. Here, we’ve simplified your options to help you pick the right clothing to help you get the most out of your sport.
Sailing Buying Guide

Selecting the right sailing jacket and trousers can be quite daunting. Let us demystify the options. First, you need to consider what level of performance and what sort of sailing you are going to be doing.

Evolution Buying Guide

MUSTO Evolution has evolved our expertise in engineering kit for the ocean to deliver protection and performance for every environment. Evolution is multi-terrain, multi-sport and all-weather technical wear. Transition from ocean to mountain and from winter to summer with ease.

Buying Guides

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