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Everyday Sun Essentials: Guide to UV Protection

You’ve seen the tell-tale signs of an experienced sailor. The chapped skin around the hands. The tousled, sun-bleached hair. The year-round tan and weather beaten skin from worldly adventures. Although these are some of the most indicative physical traits of a sailor, they aren’t necessarily healthy, and they certainly don’t have to describe you.

The long term dangers of UV damage on our skin has been well-documented and you may not always realise how much UV radiation your skin soaks up out on the boat. Even with cloud cover, our skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays, and this damage is multiplied when the UV rays are reflected by water.

The Musto UV Collection has been designed to help you embrace adventure safely – whether it’s a battle across an ocean, or a weekend coastal cruise. Similar to the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of sunscreen, the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of our UV clothing indicates how much protection it offers from ultraviolet radiation. Our UPF ratings are either 30, 40, or 50 – the higher the rating the better the ultraviolet protection.

The kit has been tested in the most extreme conditions, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re protected, wherever your adventures may take you. Learn more about the gear we’ve designed for you, and prepare for your next voyage.

T-shirts, polos and rash guards

The upper body is one of the areas most at risk to the effects of dangerous UV rays. With one of the largest surface areas of skin on the body, it’s important to keep the core protected.

Long Sleeve UV Rash Guard



Our UV rash vest has been engineered to fit close to the skin, keeping your upper body well covered with UPF 40 protection. The long sleeve UV vest is ideal as a base layer worn under a wetsuit, or on its own in warmer conditions. The 4-way stretch fabric also means this technical garment can be stretched over the Championship Buoyancy Aid to be worn as an aero shirt.

Air UV Fast Dry Polo Shirt

Sunblock polo - UV ProtectionSunblock Polo


Sailing isn’t always about base layers and technical-wear. Often it’s about the pleasure of the warm sun on your face, and the thrill of exploration. The Evolution sunblock short sleeve polo is made from a lightweight and breathable soft pique cotton fabric to keep you comfortable and cool in the sun. Stylish stripes and a UPF protection of 40 mean this polo is just at home in the marina as it is on the Mediterranean.

Outdoor shorts and trousers

Adventurers need durable UV protective fabric that offers an unrestricted range of movement. From clambering around on deck to exploring the labyrinthine streets of Venice, technical legwear needs to fit a multitude of uses.

Evolution Performance UV Trousers

High Performance UV Sailing TrousersHigh Performance Sailing Trousers

The Evolution Performance UV Trousers have been designed to bridge the gap between land-based adventures and the open water. We have developed these performance trousers with fast dry stretch fabric, Schoeller®-Keprotec® reinforced knees and seat, and UPF 50 protection. These hardy trousers allow for a full range of movement and won’t get in the way, whether you’re on deck or hiking in the mountains.

Evolution Pro Lite UV Fast Dry Short

Fast Dry Shorts

The Essential 4 Pocket Shorts strike a balance between technical and casual wear. Designed for the active outdoorsman, these fast drying shorts have been woven with spandex to add stretch for freedom of movement. The fast drying fabric will keep you comfortable while powering through heavy rainfall and spray, while the side and rear pockets keep your essentials accessible.

Hats made for adventuring  

The head is one of the areas most sensitive to the effects of the beating sun. Our hats are designed to be comfortable and offer protection from sunshine and downpours. They’ll keep you adventuring, whatever the weather throws your way.

Evolution Fast Dry Brimmed Hat

Fast Dry Hat

The Musto Evolution UV Fast Dry Brimmed Hat is an excellent all-round choice for long days, weeks or months, under the sun. We’ve coated the hat with a durable water repellent to help the hat dry faster when the weather takes a turn. With a UV protection rating of 40 and a wide brimmed edge, you get excellent coverage from both sun and spray. Outfitted with fast drying fabric, side vents and a chin strap, this is a staple of sailing headwear.

Essential UV Fast Dry Crew Cap

Musto Cap

The Evolution Fast Dry Crew Cap is perfect for adventuring in the heat. Designed to keep the top of your head cool with UV protective polyester fabric, the Crew Cap will stop the sun from burning your scalp or obscuring your vision. Fast drying fabric makes this hat a key item for any activity that requires working up a sweat, including fitness training and hiking.


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