what to wear Clay Shooting

Clay shooting requires freedom of movement. And although the activity is usually most popular during the summer, it’s best to be prepared for changeable conditions. Wearing light, breathable layers provides essential protection from the elements while ensuring you move unrestricted. And fitted shooting vests help the gun mount, provide recoil protection and large pockets for cartridges. Breeks or trousers worn with sturdy boots will protect you from the wet grass and ensure stable footing for shooting clays.

what to wear For Clay Shooting


Base Layer

The base layer is the foundation of the 3-Layer System. As the layer worn closest to the skin, the base layer needs to wick away moisture and be breathable. In mild-to-warm weather, wear lightweight layers made of fabric such as merino to helps regulate your temperature. Wicking technical tops featuring UPF sun protection are ideal in warm-to-hot weather.


Middle Layer

Your middle layer is designed for lightweight insulation. Fleece gilets combine unrestricted movement across the shoulders with essential warmth. Lightweight, insulated jackets with an action back complement warmth with a full range of movement.


Outer Layer

Your outer layer is protection against the weather while providing a stable mount for the gun on your shoulder. It can also offer protection from gun recoil. To safeguard yourself from injury, look for Musto outer layers that feature integrated pockets for D3O® recoil impact protection pads.