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Whether you’re a sailor, an equestrian athlete, a hunter or an outdoor lover, you know that having the best performing footwear is essential for you to reach your goals and push your limits. For 2016, we have continued to enhance our footwear range. From the best sailing shoes to leather country boots and our new wellingtons, we have created a range that will provide you with the best footwear whatever the sports you love.




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A pair of our handmade, luxury leather shoes designed for the countryside is made over two weeks with hard manual labour and skilled craftsmanship. Everything is calibrated and quality controlled in line with the very highest engineering standards, a philosophy we share with our shoe makers.

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Welting is one of the key processes in making a leather shoe to create a watertight and durable construction that can stand up to the rigours of the countryside. This method also allows the shoes to be re-soled multiple times very easily so they will last for many years to come.

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The most famous and the industry benchmark standard form of welting is the Goodyear welt. Developed by English shoe makers in the 1800s, the Goodyear welt can be done by hand or machine. It takes up to two weeks to make a Goodyear welted shoe and is therefore a much more expensive, but significantly more durable shoe.

 The Musto Handcrafted Shoe Making Process part 1 | MUSTO



Accurately hand cutting the leather sections of the upper shoe, working around imperfections in the valuable hides whilst minimising wastage.

 The Musto Handcrafted Shoe Making Process part 2 | MUSTO


Stitching the leather upper section together having first skived (trimmed) the leather edges to remove excess bulk. Rust proof brass eyelets are applied and the raw edges stained.


The moist and softened, or mulled, leather is pulled over the last (shoe mould) and stitched to the insole.

 The Musto shoe making process part 2 | MUSTO


A strip of leather is stitched, not glued, to the shoe upper and insole, around the edge. The space created inside the welt is filled with flexible, insulating cork. The welt extends beyond the width of the insole to allow for sole stitching.


The sole is double stitched to the welts for maximum strength. The sole itself is constructed from leather and Dainite® rubber layers, the rubber always being the ground contact layer.


Sole shaping by hand.


The final stage which includes dressing and polishing by hand.


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We make boots that reach the same exceptional standard of performance as our renowned ocean sailing jackets. We want to offer you the best in footwear. Footwear that will perform whatever the conditions. Footwear tested to the limits.

The very best footwear keeps your feet at the ideal temperature all day long. It is also completely waterproof so there is no limit to your adventures. So, we lined our new country boot collection with a GORE-TEX® membrane, then tested them to their limits.

Gore-Tex Logo | MUSTO

GORE-TEX® footwear is renowned for unrivalled microclimate control. Having clammy feet leads to rubbing and blisters. Having cold feet leads to numbing and discomfort. So we work with Gore to create footwear that maintains the perfect temperature – a combination of waterproof protection and breathability that keeps water out and allows sweat to escape.

 The testing process Musto Gore Tex footwear | MUSTO

But the real story behind MUSTO GORE-TEX® footwear is in the phenomenal lengths that we go to in order to ensure every shoe with the GORE-TEX® membrane can hold the guarantee ‘GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®’.

 The Musto Shoe making process part 1 | MUSTO



First, all of the threads, laces, leathers and materials we intend to use in the shoe are tested for durability, breathability and wicking. In the Gore labs, we wear down the laces and threads to simulate 3 years’ wear, and then check them for water wicking. If they absorb too much, we change our thread or laces. No compromise.

Next, the leathers and fabrics are tested. They need to be of exceptional quality and meet stringent breathability tests. They too must not wick water. Once all of the materials have been tested and accepted, we make a prototype of the boot.


The fully constructed pair of boots is then filled with water and placed in a centrifuge machine. As it whizzes around in the drum, the water will get forced out through any fault in the construction. If it passes the test, the pair then needs to ‘walk’ 320km.


In a trough of water, mechanical arms ‘walk’ the boots in the water the equivalent of 320km, or 200,000 flexes of each boot. Intricate sensors on the machine will detect even the tiniest leak. The shoes have to be 100% watertight.


Finally, we test the breathability and climate comfort by creating sweating inside the shoe inside a climate chamber.


When all of the tests have been passed, we go to bulk production – hundreds of boots made identically for selling in our shops. But the testing doesn’t end. Every half hour, a pair is removed from the production line and re-tested. Satisfied, these exceptional boots become available to you. But even then, Gore will buy a pair of our boots from the shop and test again. A relentless process to make sure you get the world’s best performance footwear.

This uncompromising dedication to testing, performance and quality are so you get world-leading footwear that will last you for years. The MUSTO GORE-TEX® footwear carries the GORE-TEX® promise: GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®.


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An exceptional shoe is a multitude of world-leading components. Each component plays a specific and unique role. Each is selected to work in unison with the others to give you premium footwear that helps you perform at your best whatever the environment.

This level of excellence demands no compromise. We use only the very best – the best fabrics, the best threads, the best outer soles, the best zips. So we choose partners that share our values and passion for quality products and, of course, the same love for the outdoors.

All of these combine into one fluid design to deliver the performance you need. Details as small as a zip can make a difference between average and great footwear. Here are some of the technologies we have used in the new country boots, including the Storm, Hickstead, and Suffolk Boots.

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Little ruins your enjoyment of the outdoors faster than clammy or sweaty feet. It causes rubbing and blisters and your feet become cold much faster. The GORE-TEX® lining in our country boots creates a completely waterproof boot that also allows sweat vapour to escape to keep your feet dry and at the right temperature.



A failure in even the smallest component compromises the performance of the whole boot. Every time you zip up your boot, you need it to work smoothly, not rust in the wet and mud, and stand up to constant use. That’s why we only put YKK® zips in our footwear.

 The best traction outsole | MUSTO


Vibram® is world renowned for the most rugged and durable boot soles. Engineered for rugged terrain, the toe, centre, heel and outer edges of the modern Vibram® sole each bears different patterns for grip, traction and stability. A rubber shank runs through the middle to prevent twisting so your ankle doesn’t roll. Fields and streams, mud and dirt tracks, no terrain is too tough. That’s why we use Vibram® soles in our new country boots. You can walk certain of traction in all weather conditions.


Autumn Winter Wellington Boots | MUSTO

The ultimate wellington boot is a trusted friend in all weathers. It is comfortable, warm and keeps your feet completely dry whether wading through a small stream, trudging through muddy fields on a shoot or braving the torrential downpour. You want them to last for years too.

Welly Boots - The Brampton Country Boots | MUSTO

That’s why we created the Brampton Boot in both pull-on and side zip styles. But these aren’t average welly boots. We wanted such care taken over the detail of these that we get them handmade. Precision and an experienced eye are essential.

The rubber in the Brampton Country Boot, and Brampton Side Zip Boot is of the most premium quality. It is 100% vulcanised rubber which means that the natural rubber has been combined with sulphur to create a more durable rubber. Uncured natural rubber deforms easily when warm and becomes brittle in the cold, but vulcanised rubber can withstand a vast range of temperatures so you can wear your wellies year round. We also wanted to include a very high percentage of natural rubber for greater elasticity, enhanced durability and a luxury hand feel. Our Brampton Boots are made with 60% natural rubber, the highest possible percentage, to make a premium boot that will last for years.

The making of a welly boot | MUSTO

The individual rubber pieces are assembled and secured together by hand to craft a precision-made MUSTO Brampton Boot. The rubber is then secured to the soft and comfortable 3mm neoprene lining that will keep your feet warm and dry. The boot upper is then pulled over the last and the back seam is sealed by hand.

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The sole is the final piece in the puzzle and has been designed by MUSTO too. Its innovative tread helps prevent mud clogging it up and the shape of the tread also provides superior sure-footed traction so you can traverse the rugged countryside terrain with ease. There is also a steel shank that runs through the sole to stop torsional twist for greater stability on uneven ground. What’s more, the Brampton Side Zip Boot uses a water resistant VISLON® zip made by world-leading zip manufacturers YKK®. It won’t rust and is much lighter than its metal equivalent.

Every detail has been considered and is crafted by hand to create MUSTO Brampton Boots that will become your trusted friends in all weathers.

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