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Our designers drive change through constant innovation and gruelling testing processes. This has led to a collection that offers the best technical pieces on the market. For 2017, we’re channelling our specialist insight into creating
high-performance footwear. Designed to perform in all conditions, this range has all the features required to unlock your full potential.

Experience a premium footwear collection that raises the bar, industry-wide.




Dynamic Pro 2 Inshore Sailing Footwear | MUSTO

This is the new footwear standard for inshore sailing, mono-hull and multi-hull sailors alike.

Inshore sailors have had to make do with wearing traditional trainers on deck for decades. Footwear engineered for sailing was an afterthought - until now. The Dynamic Pro II combines the comfort of a trainer with ocean-specific performance.

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“By far the best Musto shoe I’ve worn to date. Light and fast-drying, these shoes don’t get smelly!” says Pete Cumming, Phaedo’s Skipper.

Developed, tested and approved by sailing athletes. These lightweight trainers provide an exceptional advantage on water.

 Dynamic Pro II Superior Traction | MUSTO

“In the creation of the DPII (Dynamic Pro II), we made a trainer with superior drainage, traction and overall performance", Chris McGrath, Head of Design for Footwear & Accessories, comments.

"Versatile and light, they provide support while allowing you to feel the deck underfoot”.

 Dynamic Pro II - Water Drainage System | MUSTO


Musto innovations in grip located on the sole, outer sole and on the side. They’ll keep you in place on deck and when you’re hilling at 45°.


A shock-absorbing midsole and durable welded overlay provide remarkable impact protection on and around the boat.

 Dynamic Pro II - Dynamic Fit And Stability | MUSTO


Anti-microbial protection, drainage and a single layer mesh upper construction work together. These allow the feet to breathe and the shoe to dry faster. Minimal odour, maximum comfort.


A gilly lacing system offers a dynamic fit that holds your foot securely in place. Elastics provide a superior level of stability.


Gore tex Ocean Racer Boots Offshore and Ocean Sailing Footwear | MUSTO

The Gore-Tex® Ocean Racer Boot is the ultimate choice for ocean and offshore sailors.

Ocean and offshore sailing pose many challenges. Not least of these is keeping your feet dry and warm on deck. Traditional rubber and neoprene boots have been the go-to choice for sailors in adverse weather. But their hefty constructions impede movement and breathability.

Shop Gore tex Ocean Racer Boots Offshore and Ocean Sailing Footwear | MUSTO

In the development of the GTX Ocean Race Boot, our designers searched for a non-bulky, waterproof fabric. This combined with breathability, durability and flexibility has resulted in a dynamic, pinnacle boot.

“When you try these boots on, you’ll feel how we’ve changed the face of sailing footwear,” Chris McGrath, Head of Footwear Design, comments.

Shop Gore tex Ocean Racer Boots superior traction| MUSTO

“They enable you to move freely without compromising support - they’re really flexible and light. And you can adjust the fit with minimal fuss for tailored comfort. It sets the bar for what it means to be light on your feet and responsive to your environment.”

 Gore tex Ocean Racer Boots - Water Drainage System  | MUSTO


A resilient polyamide and CORDURA® upper supplies durable protection without the weight. A supportive Phylon midsole also dramatically reduces the boot’s mass.


Musto’s GripDeck outsole delivers outstanding lateral grip and stability. This sticky rubber compound supplies sure-footed performance on the wettest of surfaces.

 Gore tex Ocean Racer Boots Waterproof and protection | MUSTO


Experience remarkable impact protection on and around the boat. A shock-absorbing midsole and durable welded overlay takes the rough with the smooth.


A GORE-TEX® membrane provides superior waterproof protection that’s also highly breathable. This means your feet won’t overheat when you’re active.


Shop the Storm Gore Tex® | MUSTO

An exceptional shoe is a multitude of world-leading components. Each component plays a specific and unique role. Each is selected to work in unison with the others to give you premium footwear that helps you perform at your best whatever the environment.

This level of excellence demands no compromise. We use only the very best – the best fabrics, the best threads, the best outer soles, the best zips. So we choose partners that share our values and passion for quality products and, of course, the same love for the outdoors.

All of these combine into one fluid design to deliver the performance you need. Details as small as a zip can make a difference between average and great footwear. Here are some of the technologies we have used in the new country boots, including the Storm, Hickstead, and Suffolk Boots.

Shop Suffolk Gore Tex® Country Boot | MUSTO


Little ruins your enjoyment of the outdoors faster than clammy or sweaty feet. It causes rubbing and blisters and your feet become cold much faster. The GORE-TEX® lining in our country boots creates a completely waterproof boot that also allows sweat vapour to escape to keep your feet dry and at the right temperature.



A failure in even the smallest component compromises the performance of the whole boot. Every time you zip up your boot, you need it to work smoothly, not rust in the wet and mud, and stand up to constant use. That’s why we only put YKK® zips in our footwear.

 The best traction outsole | MUSTO


Vibram® is world renowned for the most rugged and durable boot soles. Engineered for rugged terrain, the toe, centre, heel and outer edges of the modern Vibram® sole each bears different patterns for grip, traction and stability. A rubber shank runs through the middle to prevent twisting so your ankle doesn’t roll. Fields and streams, mud and dirt tracks, no terrain is too tough. That’s why we use Vibram® soles in our new country boots. You can walk certain of traction in all weather conditions.


Autumn Winter Wellington Boots | MUSTO

The ultimate wellington boot is a trusted friend in all weathers. It is comfortable, warm and keeps your feet completely dry whether wading through a small stream, trudging through muddy fields on a shoot or braving the torrential downpour. You want them to last for years too.

Welly Boots - The Brampton Country Boots | MUSTO

That’s why we created the Brampton Boot in both pull-on and side zip styles. But these aren’t average welly boots. We wanted such care taken over the detail of these that we get them handmade. Precision and an experienced eye are essential.

The rubber in the Brampton Country Boot, and Brampton Side Zip Boot is of the most premium quality. It is 100% vulcanised rubber which means that the natural rubber has been combined with sulphur to create a more durable rubber. Uncured natural rubber deforms easily when warm and becomes brittle in the cold, but vulcanised rubber can withstand a vast range of temperatures so you can wear your wellies year round. We also wanted to include a very high percentage of natural rubber for greater elasticity, enhanced durability and a luxury hand feel. Our Brampton Boots are made with 60% natural rubber, the highest possible percentage, to make a premium boot that will last for years.

The making of a welly boot | MUSTO

The individual rubber pieces are assembled and secured together by hand to craft a precision-made MUSTO Brampton Boot. The rubber is then secured to the soft and comfortable 3mm neoprene lining that will keep your feet warm and dry. The boot upper is then pulled over the last and the back seam is sealed by hand.

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The sole is the final piece in the puzzle and has been designed by MUSTO too. Its innovative tread helps prevent mud clogging it up and the shape of the tread also provides superior sure-footed traction so you can traverse the rugged countryside terrain with ease. There is also a steel shank that runs through the sole to stop torsional twist for greater stability on uneven ground. What’s more, the Brampton Side Zip Boot uses a water resistant VISLON® zip made by world-leading zip manufacturers YKK®. It won’t rust and is much lighter than its metal equivalent.

Every detail has been considered and is crafted by hand to create MUSTO Brampton Boots that will become your trusted friends in all weathers.

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