Fusing performance and style, the Orson Drift Deck shoe features ROCK rubber soles and
aquaDX drainage bound in quality salt-water resistant leather.

Everywhere in the collection style and substance combine, with Clarks' international team of designers and Musto collaborating
on looks, lines and profiles, colour palettes and performance detailing.
Atsu massages underfoot, revitalising feet and giving the body a boost from toe to head

FR: Grâce à un massage permanent de la plante du pied, la technologie Atsu vous procure bien-être et vitalité

SP: Atsu nos tonifica y reactiva, de los pies a la cabeza, gracias a su sistema de masaje

This season Musto have collaborated with Clarks to create an authentic performance collection of sailing shoes. In addition to style, the collection delivers the ultimate in grip under wet conditions, water drainage, stability, underfoot comfort and fit. It's all about engineered excellence proven through extreme testing.

"The collaboration came about by fusing what we have learned through decades of equipping sailors on the water with Clarks' shoemaking expertise to produce a range of top quality sailing footwear that performs. Clarks and Musto share many brand values; we're authentic British family companies with a long heritage and we're both innovative engineers with a commitment to delivering the best product."

Nigel Musto

Channels concealed in the shoe help prevent aquaplaning, slipping and sliding.

FR: Canaux intégrés à la chaussure aidant à prévenir l’aquaplaning en offrant plus adhérence

SP: Los canales ocultos en la suela protegen contra el deslizamiento.
Agion is an antimicrobial, that stops or inhibits the growth of things like bacteria and fungi

FR: Agion est un antibactérien qui empêche le développement de bactéries et de champignons

SP: Agion se trata una tecnología antibacteriana que evita el desarrollo de hongos y bacterias
Durable and abrasion resistant sole, delivering maximum grip in all conditions

FR: Semelle durable, résistante à l’abrasion, offrant un maximum d’adhérence en toutes conditions.

SP: Suela duradera y resistente que aporta la máxima sujeción en cualquier situación.
Intelligent underfoot cushioning provides balance and stability for the foot

FR: Matelassage technologique améliorant l’équilibre et la stabilité

SP: Almohadillado en la planta del pie que aporta equilibrio y estabilidad

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