Middle Layers

MUSTO were the first to introduce the 3 layer system in the sailing market and it still remains the most effective way to dress when you face any cold, wet and windy outdoor activity.

The 3 Layer System is based on a simple principle - water transmits heat thirty times faster than air, so wet skin gets cold thirty times quicker than dry skin.

The main job for the mid-layer is to hold warm dry, insulating air inside the clothing system and close to the body. It also continues the transmission of water vapour through the clothing system as started by the base layer. Ideally this layer will be windproof and breathable.

MUSTO’s fleeces, made from high loft fabrics, are breathable and perfect for retaining heat. Alternatively, opt for garments with WINDSTOPPER® to cut wind chill or those with waterproof GORE-TEX® to ensure your middle layer will breathe as quickly as your outer layer while maintaining minimum heat loss.

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