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In the Press: Olympics update from shooting ambassador Charlotte Kerwood

In yesterday’s Metro newspaper there’s a great update from our Musto shooting ambassador Charlotte Kerwood, about counting down to London 2012:

‘With three World Cup events taking place over the next few months, winter has been a key time to get out training.

The World Cup determines selection for London so it’s vital my preparation is spot on.

I’m a fair-weather girl and hate the cold, which makes it harder to motivate myself over winter but I wrap up warm so that I can stay out as long as I can.

The place we shoot from is called a peg and they tend to be quite exposed in the winter so it is vital to have thermals – about three jumpers and a windproof jacket is the norm!

Despite the cold, I braved the snow to practice my technique in December.

Shooting in the snow is a different experience from normal as the snow dampens the noise of the gun and the atmosphere seems different and quite special.

I’m less fond of shooting in the rain as it’s quite distracting, which makes it much harder to concentrate.

I spent a lot of time in the gym this winter, ensuring I have good upper-body strength and stamina.  Guns aren’t light and holding them up for a long time can be tiring.  The recoil you get from the gun also tires your muscles so these sessions in the gym are vital so that my body is prepared to recover as quickly as possible.

Away from the peg, I celebrated Christmas with my family.  I’m a bit like a child and get really excited at Christmas time.  I had the obligatory few glasses of wine and then spent most of the afternoon playing on my Christmas present – a Nintendo Wii.  There is a shooting game on it but it isn’t quite like the real thing!  One of the joys in my sport is that when I’m not training, I can let my hair down and not worry.

But now it is back to business and I have just returned from Kuwait, where I was training in the hot weather – perfect.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t at all like a holiday and when I am training abroad I only tend to see the hotel we are staying in, the shooting range and the airport.

It is work, after all, and these trips are vital.  They allow me to experience different shooting grounds – where the set-up at each is different – and the machinery used to launch the clays varies. It is a key way for me to improve and ensure I can respond quickly to changes in environment.

The first World Cup of 2011 takes place in the Chilean city of Concepcion next Tuesday and so I am now fully in pre-event training mode.’

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