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470 update from Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer emailed us with an update of how his summer has been sailing in the 470s class:

‘The open Europeans was a mixed regatta, mainly light sea breezes so focused on boat speed and starting, we did well in qualifying and at the end posted a couple of top ten results, however one of these we were black flagged so dropped out of gold fleet.  At Helsinki we showed we had world class boat speed and could start well to post to top ten results. However we need to work on our consistency.’

‘We then went to the Junior Worlds which once again started well and were 4th in qualifying, however after a couple of bad races we were unable to get back into the regatta and came 20th.  After the Junior Worlds I decided to end my partnership with Konrad, this is because over the last few regattas he has got frustrated very easily and loses it mentally after one mistake and makes it very hard to sail a consistent regatta and a lot of pressure on me to try and get him thinking logically otherwise we would go backwards.  I had decided that this was making us go backwards rather than forwards so I thought it was best to move on.’

‘I then competed in the Junior Europeans with Tim Carter who is an ex 420 sailor and has never sailed a 470, after intensive 2 days pre event training we went into the event.  The event was very enjoyable and we improved during the week and did especially well in final series to come 16th overall discarding a qualification result and If we had another 5 races I think we could have made the medal race.’

‘This is a very exciting time for me because I have top 30 in the world boat speed and can start well, I just need a partner who is good on tactics to make the jump into top 30 in the world results, I have had a number of offers of people to sail with which I am hoping to trial during September.’

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