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A 49er training update from the Kirkland Brothers

The 49er Brothers, Jesse and Zander Kirkland, are in the States at the moment training in Santa Cruz.  They’re sailing with the top American teams and their world class coach.

Shot in MUSTO kit by Scott Tucker for Bermudian Magazine Article, Sept 2010

Last week they wrote:

‘Well we have been in Santa Cruz for a week now, after crossing the country in 45 hours, with the boat ontop of the car.  The training so far has been frustrating because we have been dealing with breakdowns in the harsh, breezy Santa Cruz conditions. 

We have broken a jib halyard, 2 sets of vang arms, 1 vang lever and destroyed a jib.  The jib was destroyed as I went through it on a failed bear away attempt.  Part of the reason for the trouble bearing away was that the vang lever had bent and we couldn’t release enough leach tension and hence the boat was too powered up to bear away. 

It was scary as I was launched through the air heading towards the jib, it was all I could do to avoid the rail!  Jesse quickly followed me through the front of the jib and we knew the sail was done.  The whole bottom panel had a hole the size of me, oh well. Live and learn.  A) Go on in when you notice vang lever is starting to bend and B) Stay south of Steamer Lane, where it is more protected. 

We always seem to learn everything the hard way in this boat!  It must be noted that all three boats that day, came into the harbor under jib alone, so it was not just us having issues with the strong wind and breeze!

Hopefully today will be more productive for us and we can log some quality hours in the wind machine outside the harbor.

We have been graciously hosted by the Lezins (parents of Ben) and couldn’t more stoked on our housing.  Thanks guys for being so welcoming and taking us in!’


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