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The MUSTO-sponsored maxi-trimaran is 13 days into their attempt to beat the Jules Verne Trophy record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world.  Yesterday the yacht hit something whilst doing 37 knots in the Southern Ocean, damaging the crash box and daggerboard.  They have slowed down to 25 knots and will attempt a repair.

Repairing the damage

Up until yesterday they were hurtling along at a steady pace, 400 miles ahead of Groupama’s record.  We were pleased to hear from Brian Thompson last week: ‘Normally at this point; the first dry day, the boat would be looking a bit like a Caribbean laundry with clothes attached everywhere to catch the sun, but I put away my perfectly dry thermals ready to put on in about a week’s time… 3 days of constant spray, 2,100 miles and not a drop, thanks MUSTO!’

Photo of the damage

Skipper Pascal Bidegorry confirms that the crew are continuing on course. Follow Brian Thompson on Twitter for updates.

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