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Banque Populaire V heading for the startline

The crew of Banque Populaire V have a scheduled departure time, as they head for the start line of the Jules Verne Trophy.

Three weeks ago, the Maxi Trimiran, Banque Populaire V, skippered by Loick Peyron docked in Brest, on standby for a round the world record attempt. The 14 sailors of Team Banque Populaire V have now seen a suitable weather window to leave. Before dusk on Monday, the multihull decorated in the colours representing the ‘Bank of Sailing’ left the dock at the Port of Brest Castle, ready to cross the startline, off Ushant, in the early hours of Tuesday Morning.

The core weather team of Maxi Banque Populaire V, composed of Juan Vila (onboard navigator), Marcel van Triest (onshore router), Ronan Lucas (Team Director) and Loïck Peyron (skipper) have identified an favourable opportunity for the first few days of this record attempt.

Today, the elements seem to have come together enough to attempt a start, explained skipper Baulois (Peyron):

“The weather files received this morning match the forecasts that we had. There is a high pressure system, stretching all the way from Ireland to Portugal and as it happens it would be foolish not to try to leave. So we will leave the port before dusk, close to 17h00 local time and wait pateintly near the start line. We will not start immediately as, there will be very light unstable wind until about 20:00hrs, so we will wait until it passes northwest and strengthens. For now, what is certain is that we will leave in humid weather with light winds that will build off Cape Finisterre. But as you can not have everything, this strong wind will not be perfectly oriented, we need to tack between Portugal and Madeira.

The Azores High is shifted right, it should generate winds, not necessarily very strong, but enough to ensure that we are sailing relatively efficiently. Finally, we keep in mind the possibility of a return to Brest in 2-3 days if we see that we are not in record time because we still have plenty of time this winter to try again.”

The Team of BPV are currently heading towards the startline off Ushant.  Good luck from all at MUSTO!

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