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Brian Thompson and Musto on Banque Populaire V

Brian Thompson, the only British crew member onboard Maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire V in the world record attempt for the Jules Verne Trophy, wrote the below passage on Sunday singing the praises of his MUSTO kit:

’1800 day 12 | Pos 45S 25W | Wind 27kn WNW | One reef, staysail and small gennaker

What a difference 5 hours sailing southwards brings. This morning we were tearing along 550 miles to the south of the tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas (spelling?). It was bright sunshine and 10C water. Now we are on the same heading and 100 miles further south and it’s overcast, limited visibility and the water is 7C..it’s the water temp that makes the difference. It’s high summer here, December, and on an equivalent latitude to La Rochelle in the north, yet it’s feeling distinctly wintry. I am sure La Rochelle is balmier today, even in mid winter! However, we are still tearing along, which is the key point, and why we are here..

Another gybe southwards likely tonight, so it may be soon time to put the boots on for the first time this trip, and get the gloves ready, just in case…

All good on board, we have settled into our watch system well. Our watch is on standby now, Yvon is cooking dinner to be ready for 1915, we have just helped to shake out a reef, and I have been marking up the world map on the wall with our position each day, as well as getting my clothing ready for the colder waters to come.’

‘So far my MUSTO gear has worked perfectly, I have not got wet even once, am in the same thermals I had at the start, though had lighter gear for the tropics. Have just been a little self indulgent and treated myself to new underpants, just because I could..the key is to put on the right outer layers, so you don’t get the inner layers wet. The latex seals on the neck and cuffs of the foul weather top are keeping all the salt water out. I do remember very well having water wicking up the arms in gear years ago – those days thankfully have passed…’

Brian Thompson is wearing the HPX Ocean Jacket outer layer, GORE-TEX® Middle Layer BlousonExtreme Base Layer Trousers, Extreme Base Layer Turtle Neck and the Active Base Layer Boxer Shorts underpants

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