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British Cocker Spaniel Champion Ben Randall and Musto

MUSTO would like to congratulate Ben Randall on winning the 2012 British Cocker Spaniel Championships, the first person to win back to back victories with the same dog for 35 years.

Ben Randall wearing MUSTO shooting gear

Ben is the reigning 2012 British Cocker Spaniel Champion and the first person in this event to win back to back field trial victories with the same dog, Sophie, for 35 years.  He also competes with springers and labs, with the ultimate ambition to succeed at top level with all three.

As a gundog professional Ben’s time is split between, training his and client’s dogs, trialling, shooting, judging, and helping run the families boarding kennels.  This schedule means he’s out five to six days each week, making him ideally placed to feedback on Musto’s shooting range and specifically product used whilst working dogs.

His career started at a young age whilst wildfowling as a boy with his father.  In his teens he started competing with a black and white spaniel.  Beggarbush Gundogs, based in Hertfordshire, was formed.

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