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Charlotte Kerwood: The Olympic shooter writes for Metro

Time for a break after failing to make most of my shot at Olympics

For the past year, Metro has followed Charlotte Kerwood’s journey to the Olympics. In her final column, the shooter insists missing out on a medal has made her more determined to stay on the path to Olympic glory.

After all the excitement of the Olympics, and my own personal battle to make it to the team, it is time for reflection and a bit of a rest.

It has been a great year but I had to work hard to get to this stage and missing out on the Olympic final has made me determined to remain in the sport and win a medal in Rio in four years.

During the Games it was easy to get distracted, the occasion can do that to you. I just think I wasn’t there 100% in my head.

I saw my family as soon as I walked out to shoot and didn’t properly focus. I did miss a few shots but at least I finished on a high by topping my group in the final round.

The experience I have from London and Beijing should stand me in good stead for Rio, although that seems a long way away right now.

In the meantime I need a break. I’ve been in the GB team for 11 years and have done almost every competition in that time. It has been great but intense at the same time. I may even take up to six months off before returning to the next Olympic cycle.

There won’t be any qualification places on offer in 2013 so I won’t be missing anything important.

My instinct is to go to Australia, which I love, and see friends and family and do normal things, the sort of stuff I don’t normally get to do.

I know I’ll miss the sport so I will be back and that determination to win a medal in Rio is strong. I also intend to do more for me and that means spending more time in Italy with my coach Marcello Dradi, who is based there.

My Olympic experience ended with a night at the closing ceremony, which was obviously amazing.

We got quite close to the front and near the stage, so it seemed like the acts were playing a gig just for us.

It was like being at a festival and a fantastic way to round off the Games. But in four years time, I’ll be refreshed and in Rio, ready for more.”

(Originally published in Metro)


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  • Curtis W Cook says:

    In Beijing athletes won 47 medals in 12 sports. Officials took heart from the fact that Britain won medals across 17 sports in London and that the sports that have delivered the lion’s share of medals over recent years – cycling, rowing, sailing – continued to succeed.

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