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Charlotte Kerwood’s shooting update

We’re proud to sponsor a variety of talented sportspeople who are at the top of their game, and we were delighted to hear how Olympic shooting hopeful Charlotte Kerwood is getting on.

Charlotte will be regularly writing to us with a training update in the build up to the London 2012 games, so come back soon to read more news from our shooting ambassador!

‘I love shooting – it is my passion – but, like most people, it can be difficult to motivate myself to go outside when it is bitterly cold and the wind is howling.  Training on your own is very different from shooting with friends and sometimes when I am walking out to the peg I think ‘why’?  But everything changes when I break and load my gun, tuck the butt into my shoulder and wait for the first clay to be released.  Nothing is a better form of training than getting out in the fresh air and shooting some clays.’

Olympic hopeful Charlotte Kerwood in Musto

‘It is really important to prepare each shot perfectly.  When I first started shooting I was slightly erratic and I struggled to refocus if I had missed a couple of times in a row.  Conversely, when I was having a good day I would use my positive momentum to keep scoring great shots.  For experienced guns, learning to approach every clay individually is a great way to improve and an easy way to do this is to go back to basics and follow the three stage process for approaching each shot: see the target – follow the target – shoot.  It is such a basic concept, but getting the basics correct is vital.’

‘I have recently been practising for the Olympic Trap at the Southern Counties Shooting Ground in Dorset with my new sports psychologist, Mark Wilson.  I have been working on my routine with him to ensure that I am 100% focused during competitions.  At my level, even the smallest distraction makes a big difference to my overall score and Mark has been vital in teaching me how to take preventative measures to stop non-shooting thoughts and ideas slipping into my head.  We have developed a ‘tick’ that I use every time that I address the gun.  This can vary person to person, but I always make sure that my safety catch is pushed forward.  The physical action of this, and the click that I hear, puts my mind into shooting mode and I close out the world and focus.’

‘I have also been making sure that my technique is as smooth as possible and, in particular, I have been concentrating on my arc with my coach.  The articulation in the Musto clothing is vital for this and I have a made-to-measure gun which feels like an extension to my body.  It still takes a lot of control to have a smooth slow arc which can respond if the clay takes a turn.  Weights have been hugely beneficial as I can train doing very slow controlled movements on the weights machine.  Cardio training is also hugely beneficial as I spend so much time travelling that it is vital to be in top physical form.’

‘The World Cups next season will soon be here and I want to be at the peak of physical fitness well before they start.

The World Cups begin in the Chilean city of Concepcion on the 1st March 2011, before moving onto Sydney and, afterwards, Beijing.’

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