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Chunky knit, peacoats and wax jackets: being an old seadog never looked so good

Chunky knit, peacoats and wax jackets. Being an old seadog never looked so good. Here’s what to keep warm in this winter…

‘It seems that the British summer that never really was is finally starting to dissipate for good, which means that it’s time for us to start pulling out our jumpers, jackets and heavy coats. For men, this is generally a good thing with autumn and winter fashions usually providing us with a lot more to work with, along with slimming down the risk of exposing our pasty legs or wrestling with the age old argument of to vest or not to vest.

One of many brands that will doubtlessly catch our eye this Autumn is Musto who’ve managed to create just the right blend of functionable, quality fashion with up to date trends in their latest collection. If you’re not familiar with the clothing company, they’re a decidedly nautical outfit set up by British sailor Keith Musto to keep real sailing blokes warm and dry whilst avoiding looking like they’re wearing a few stitched-up waxed-canvas sails.

Keeping real sailing blokes warm and dry whilst avoiding looking like they’re wearing a few stitched-up waxed-canvas sails.

Their price range can be on the steeper side but considering their rich heritage (they have two royal warrants) and the high-end quality of their gear, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Personally, we say, if it’s going to last you a lifetime and fits into the zone of a ‘classic’ it’s worth every penny – especially if it saves you the bother of buying multiple items that can’t even handle the first tumble wash.

Their new range takes influence from the suave casual end of the 50s and the 60s, which is quite apt really as they’re calling it the 1964 Collection. Here’s our pick of the bunch.’

The Beaufort Pea Coat, £325

It goes without saying that the Pea Coat is something that unless you’re Mika, you can’t really get wrong and Musto don’t fail with this classic item. Made from Italian Melton wool, their effort carries a slightly more modern feel than the norm with its tapered fit to both flatter the wearer and keep out the elements. This will doubtlessly look good with almost anything but give to it its deserved gravitas, we’d recommend keeping it smart.

The Wax Deck Coat, £200

The deck coat has been around for a good while but has seen something of a resurgence recently. Again, the Musto version has a flattering tailored fit with functionality at its forefront. At ¾ length it’s a good casual jacket for harsher climes, coming equipped with an adjustable hood. It also pays a nice homage to traditional sailing jackets with its subtle corduroy collar. It’s the kind of thing we’d imagine George Clooney wished he’d have worn in the depressing fish-wave-ship flick, Perfect Storm.

Stern Roll Neck, £120

Taking into account that this is a brand with its roots set quite firmly (or deeply, if you can excuse the water pun) in sailing it would be sacrilege to not include a roll neck jumper in here. Admittedly there’s a risk you can come across a bit like Alan Partridge or Ron Burgandy but, let’s face it, they’re just so damn comfy. And warm. And this winter is going to be fricking freezing. This is a reasonably traditional cable-knit affair but for what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in quality with it’s special blend of Cotton and Merino wool. Just don’t wear it with an elbow pad adorned blazer or when you’re driving to Dudley barefoot.’

(Originally published in the Sabotage Times)

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