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Customer review: equestrian jackets

We received this lovely email from a customer called Laura Davis last week:

‘Just a quick e-mail to say ‘WOW!’ I was at a horse show yesterday on what was possibly the wettest day in the world.  I was wearing my MUSTO Arctic Jacket….  I was wearing it right from getting my horse in in the morning, through to walking across the showground, to warming up for my dressage and for riding around for a couple of hours afterwards young horse wouldn’t stand quietly in the lorry, in the dry, while we waited for our friends horse to finish competing, so I had to keep riding.  The rain lashed down all day and I was completely dry underneath my jacket.  I couldn’t believe it and was so massively impressed.

So many thanks to MUSTO for keeping me so dry on such a grim horrible wet day!’

We no longer sell the Arctic Jacket, but check out this season’s equestrian coats and jackets for our latest collection.

From left to right: Summer Yard Jacket, Harrisburgh Gilet, Competition Jacket, Summer Paddock Jacket and ZP176 Team Jacket

We’ve recently added customer product reviews, so please do log onto musto.com and let us know what you think of your MUSTO purchases.

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