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Dry these for size: Musto gloves in Motor Boats Monthly

TRIED AND TESTED: KIT YOU CAN TRUST We get to grips with MUSTO’s new ski-type sailing gloves’

‘Staying warm and dry are my top priorities on the water.  Sadly my trusty fingerless gloves have retired, so for my recent RIB exploits I tried out these new MUSTO Waterproof OutDry Gloves.  At £60, I needed to be impressed.

First impressions are of a puffy ski glove, not the close-fitting type that I normally look for.  On passage, though, they kept my hands comfortable, cosy and warm, without getting clammy.  When the rain came down my hands remained dry.  The gloves didn’t seem to get wet at all and were excellent at repelling the water – a real change from my old waterlogged gloves.

Surprisingly, the bulky fingers did not impede operation of the chartplotter, although I would still prefer them to be slightly closer-fitting.

Normally I would be washing the salt out of my gloves ever few days.  But after two weeks at sea, these were still dry inside and the exterior did not suffer much from salt exposure.

There are a couple of niggles. If your hands do get wet it is virtually impossible to put on the gloves, because the soft inner lining clings to your skin.  Another issue is the Velcro-adjustable wrist strap, which seems to operate the wrong way.  Pulling the straps inwards to tighten, as opposed to outwards, would have been easier, especially when helming.’

(Originally published in Motor Boats Monthly)

New for 2011 we are porund to present our first fully waterproof, breathable sailing glove. the waterproof, breathable OutDry® membrane is bonded to the nylon shell fabric, sealing out water, wind, and cold. Featuring seamless fingertips, an articulated cut for excellent dexterity and tough palm grip fabric to ensure maximum durability


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