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Emirates with Team New Zealand in the trades and at speed

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand is in the trades and sailing at speed as its neck and neck battle with Puma continues.

The light conditions of the Doldrums are behind the team and for the last 24 hours they have been at full throttle with an average boat speed in excess of 20 knots and at time hitting almost 30 knots.

The wet and wild ride has not however stopped CAMPER’s relentless chase of Puma for the lead with only four nautical miles (nm) separating the two boats and CAMPER doing everything it can to eke out more speed and jump into the lead.

Telefonica who had been duelling with CAMPER for second place have slipped back overnight and are now 17 nm off the pace.

The exhilarating sailing conditions are expected to be short lived though with the latest weather models predicting the trade winds to begin softening from tomorrow and remain light all the way to the finish.

CAMPER skipper Chris Nicholson says that the team are revelling in the conditions.

“It’s very nice trade wind sailing. You don’t get many days like these so you cherish them. We’ve probably only got another 48 hours or so of these conditions so we’re making the most of them. It’s an incredibly tight game out here at the moment and we’re all pushing hard for every little inch of advantage. You just can’t afford to be off the pace for a second.

It’s amazing how evenly matched we are with Puma in these conditions. We just seem to matching each other speed wise.  The funny thing is we’ll probably all end up parking up in a light airs zone down the road but you just have to push hard while you can and see what eventuates.”

CAMPER in the latest position report at 1400h 3 May NZT is in second place sailing at 22.4 knots in a 19.7 knot easterly.

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