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Equestrienne Adele Rand in Musto

Here are some photos of equestrienne Adele Rand wearing MUSTO at BSJA training last Saturday.  Her mum Geraldine emailed us saying said: ‘One thing that everyone says about Adele is that she is always smiling.  We never push her, she just loves what she does!’

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Adele rides Rory, a 5 year old Prospect Gregory Connemara – as he’s young, they’re working hard on their double clears!  Since early December, Adele has been having regular lessons with John Adams who used to be a show jump himself as a youngster.  These photographs were taken when she was training at the BSJA Academy with Alan Fazarkerly who is involved with training of junior GB hopefuls.

Adele rides every day and at least once a week bare back. She hacks, works hard in the paddock and jumps at friends’ schools when they can borrow them.  She has hunted all season and is looking forward to competing this spring/ summer.

Good luck with your training, Adele!

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