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First things first: Musto base layers

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has resumed racing on Leg Five of the Volvo Ocean Race after stopping to repair hull damage in Puerto Montt, Chile.

They’re going to have to work hard to regain lost miles and have been working up quite a sweat; Bowman Daryl Wislang has been grateful for his Active Base Layer:

“All the under-layer products wick the sweat off your body and lets it breathe out through the outer layers.” He adds, “You need to keep warm, dry, and it needs to be functional. You need to be able to move very freely and it does so awesomely.”

Our active base layer is designed to respond to your body to help keep you dry and comfortable for extended periods of high activity. Perfect for sailing, running, skiing, cycling and all outdoor sports.

> Shop our full base layer range which includes Active Base Layer Trousers, Long Sleeve Top and Zip Neck Top, Thermal Base Layer TrousersTurtle Neck and Zip Neck and last but not least, our hardcore Extreme Base Layer Trousers and Turtle Neck.

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