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Forty Year Old Musto sailing bag

We received this fantastic email below from Sue Loy in Surrey about a 40+ year old MUSTO bag.  We love delving into the MUSTO archives and updating old pieces whilst retaining the retro styling and we’re considering re-issuing this vintage classic:

‘Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in praise of my MUSTO & Hyde sailing bag, which may well be one of the oldest still in regular use!

The bag was originally bought for me by my parents as a Christmas present when I started dinghy sailing with Thames Young Mariners through a youth club I attended in Banstead, Surrey. Dad and I raced our Mirror dinghy on the Thames at Laleham Sailing Club – and this was over 40 years ago.’

‘Since then I have used the bag while sailing in the Tall Ships race with the Ocean Youth Club on Sir Thomas Sopwith and persuaded my partner and his daughter to take up the sport at Chipstead Sailing Club in our Enterprise. We have since then progressed to sailing yachts, achieved our RYA Day Skipper qualifications and now sail on holiday in the Mediterranean, and regularly in the Solent chartering with friends. The photograph attached shows the bag and myself at Lymington before a planned trip to France.

Besides these sailing trips the bag has been with me ocean kayaking in Canada and is my regular weekend bag.

Despite having been used and abused on boats and by international baggage handlers throwing it on and off numerous planes, it remains as tough as it ever was. There are no splits, the stitching has remained in tact. It is a seriously good bag, maybe not as ‘trendy’ as all the present bags on the market but it does the job and has the added advantage that when empty it can be rolled up and stuffed in a drawer. I can’t say that I have ever taken great care of it, yet it has never let me down; hence this email, which I have been meaning to send to you for a long while.

Surely this is the oldest MUSTO sailing bag still in regular use?

Ironically, however, after this latest trip, when I returned home the metal tag on the zip broke off! After 40+ years, the metal has finally broken. The actual zip and the bag still remain as tough as ever, but I fear it has come to the end of its useful sailing life.

Would you like me to return it to you, as I am sure there is some use that you may well find for a bag that has worked so hard for its living?

A similar replacement duly shipped to you, Sue – we hope it serves you another 40 years and thanks for sharing!


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  • sam says:

    I have a blue one. 28 years on and still fantastic.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for your comment Angela, we’re pleased to hear from another happy customer with some vintage Musto pieces! This season’s splash-proof zip carryalls are similar in shape and extremely versatile so check them out here: http://www.musto.com/fcp/categorylist/dept/sailing_luggage_bags

  • Angela Brooke says:

    Can’t believe it! I also still have in frequent use a M & H sailing bag, same vintage,(could just possible be older!!) in lilac pink! Did have a royal blue one too, zip broke only recently – much missed. Been trying to replace them for YEARS! They have also been all round the world (no longer on sailing trips!) as described by Sue Loy, sometimes in the bottom of other luggage as the ‘overflow’ for souvenirs on return trips! SO useful because it is so strong but has NO structure at all. Terrific design – please re-issue, contact me and I shall send an order immediately!!
    What a trip down Memory Lane!
    Thank you Sue Loy and Musto (& Hyde)
    Angela Brooke

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