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Gore-Tex Waterproof Fabric Celebrates 30th Anniversary in 2010

2010 sees the 30th anniversary of GORE-TEX, the waterproof fabric that has come to be a focal point of MUSTO’s outdoor clothing line.

Since the first GORE-TEX design was first patented by Wilburt and Robert Gore in 1980, it has become famous around the world as the perfect extreme-weather protection to keep wearers dry and comfortable all over.

The breathable fabric uses the standard GORE-TEX® membrane, bonding it with an outer layer of durable, woven nylon to create a material perfect for use as the shell of middle layer garments.

The bi-component microporus membrane also has other uses; it can be a drop liner between the inner and outer garment layers, as an inter-liner, or as the outer shell itself. It is this microporous structure which works in tandem with your body’s natural cooling process, and allows perspiration vapor to escape.

As well as GORE-TEX, Musto use the best technology in all of their clothing, allowing them to withstand whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. A number of jackets in the outdoor range are made from Windstopper® material, making them windproof as well as highly breathable.

Fleece products are made using Polartec® fabric, which keeps the body warm and dries quickly, while jackets with Primaloft® use a patented microfiber structure to help the body retain warmth and conserve energy.


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