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GUN CLUB: Musto Macnab shooting jacket in GQ

Take cover!  The British shooting jacket industry has vastly improved in the past 20 years, primarily due to sailing specialist MUSTO’s new fabrics and technology.  This innovation roused Barbour from its slumber, and new challengers are now entering the field to give shooters more options than ever’

‘MUSTO’s reputation as an innovator is reinforced by its new range.  Most notable, perhaps, is its return to high-resolution printed technology to create the illusion of a tweed pattern on its Macnab Jacket (£245).

Made with the best synthetic fabrics, it provides 100 per cent waterproofing and is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for deer-stalking in particular.’

(Originally published in GQ magazine)

The innovation is back and better. A fabric that looks like tweed but isn’t. The printed technology used with this fabric gives all the characteristics of a tweed pattern but significantly reduces the weight of the garment. It’s quiet, waterproof, breathable and light. Key requirements for effective stalking or game shooting garments.

  • 89% Polyester, 11% Polyurethane
  • Available in sizes S-XXXL
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