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In the Press: Andrea McLean in Musto

We love hearing from our celebrity fans so we were pleased to read Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean discussing the latest things she’s bought to Closer Online, as one of them was a Musto jacket to keep her warm this winter:

‘Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean, 41, on her last buys:

£6.00 on a cup of coffee and biscuits
My husband Steve and I took our little girl, Amy, to Brighton for a day out. We sat on the beach wrapped up in our coats, nursing hot drinks watching our labradoodle, Michael, playing in the sea.

£15 on a fish and chips dinner
This was also during our day in Brighton but it was the worst fish and chips we’ve ever had. They are such a rare treat you want them to be perfect – but these were gross!

£41.50 on visiting the Sea Life Aqaurium
Amy wanted to go to the aquarium, so we took her to Sea Life though we were shocked at the price. We have a local garden centre, which has amazing fish displays, next time we will take her there!

£500 on a Stella McCartney dress
This was a real splurge, but it was for a very special occasion; the launch of the business Steve and I have founded. The dress is the same colour as the logo and the minute I saw it I had to have it.

£120 – on a new Musto jacket
I bought this at the local horse tack shop, as I needed a jacket to walk the dog in during the winter. It’s very warm and toasty.

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