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In the Press: Clown Prince

Last week’s papers featured many photos of Zara Phillips wearing MUSTO and our ZP176 range at Gatcombe Park, where she officially launched the collection to the public. Pictured here with Prince William in The Sun, Zara competed on High Kingdom at the Festival of British Eventing:

‘Prince William turns court jester as he teases cousin Zara Phillips.

William, 28, put his arm around Zara, 29, then started tickling her.  She hit out and they had a play fight before kissing and making up at weekend horse trials at Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire – the home of Zara’s mum Princess Anne.

Wills also wound up Zara’s brother Peter, 32 – squashing his nose before giving him a hug and drinking a pint. A guest said: “They could have been any cousins messing about.  They’re obviously close.”’

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