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In the Press: d30 Recoil Shield in Clay Shooting Magazine

In the January issue of Clay Shooting Magazine there’s an article called ‘Get recoil on the rebound’ about the best products to remedy recoil when shooting:

‘Regular shots will know recoil can affect scores as well as the enjoyment of shooting: we have come up with a selection of ways to help you choose the best solution to banish your bruises.

Do you find the last 25 birds of a 100-target round a little harder?  If not correctly managed, recoil can be the cause of headaches, bruises, back pain, fatigue and flinching – the body’s natural reaction to recoil – which affects your concentration and scores.

Among the factors that affect the recoil of any fun – the ‘kick’ we feel – are two basic ones of gun weight and cartridge velocity.  Put simply, heavier guns take more energy to move rearward and so will hit the user more slowly and hence feel smoother to shoot; weight added to a gun will make it appear to kick less.

With cartridges, given a similar weight of shot and wad, a higher velocity load will recoil proportionately more than a lighter shot load cartridge.  Gun type affects felt recoil too, with gas operated semi-autos spreading recoil energy over a longer duration to kick the user less than a similar weight of fixed breech gun.

If you don’t want to buy a new gun or change your cartridge, there are other options that can offer a solution.


One of the best ways to reduce recoil is to get your gun correctly fitted to you by an expert coach or gunsmith.  If you have never had your gun fitted, you will be surprised at how much of a difference gunfitting can make to recoil and potentially to your scores.  A coach or gunsmith will be able to recommend recoil reducing products, but here are some that are on the market to give you an idea.’

d30 Recoil Shield

Made from d30, the specially engineered material is made up of intelligent molecules which are designed to significantly reduce felt recoil by absorbing the impact.  The molecules flow with you as you move, but on shock lock together to absorb the impact energy.  Designed to fit left- and right-handed shooters.

MUSTO, £25, musto.com


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