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In the Press: Lightweight Machine Washable Tweed Jacket in The Field

We’re ever so pleased with all the press our Lightweight Machine Washable Jacket has been getting since we launched our new Autumn/ Winter shooting collection.

It’s featured in the November issue of The Field as part of their round-up of everything ‘covetable in the coverts, tremendous on the Test, and bang on in the butt’.

Our groundbreaking new tweed is constructed from a premium Scottish cloth lighter than our original, but still retains all of its renowned strength, handle and vibrant colour, offering great camouflage in the field and great protection from the elements.

The jacket is the easiest to care for and the lightest tweed in the range.  Both the Jacket and Breeks have a hydrophilic waterproof, windproof and breathable drop liner and a Teflon® finish.

The jacket features articulated sleeves, five external and four internal pockets.  Clarino® washable synthetic suede trims add performance and enhance the luxury feel of the suit.

  • £450
  • 96% Wool, 4% Nylon
  • Machine Wash


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