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In the Press: Musto Heritage Parka in The Times Magazine

IN THE HOOD MUSTO has launched a Heritage Parka, £250, fashioned from British waxed cotton and made in England.  It’s inspired by the canvas smocks that sailors used to wear and is embellished with metal zips, leather trims and a chambray lining (musto.com).’

Our heritage parka is inspired by the days when sailors took to the ocean in oilskins, Guernsey wool sweaters and wool flannel trousers. It evokes the times when sailors took to oiling their canvas smocks as a crude protection from the inhospitable conditions of the sea. Our version is made from finest British wax cotton and lined in hardwearing cotton. Rugged metal zips and leather trims complete the look.

  • 100% Cotton Outer 100% Cotton Lining
  • Available in sizes S-XXL

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