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IN THE PRESS: Musto in Esquire Magazine

There’s a great spread about MUSTO in the October issue of Esquire magazine, featuring the editor’s favourite picks from our autumn/ winter menswear collection:

QUAY PIECES From fishermen’s knits to Breton stripes, nautical style is here to stay. Tap into the look with MUSTO’s new range (yacht not required)’

‘There was a time when sailing gear was all oilskins and sou’westers: function was key and form was — well, more often than not forgotten.  Then came MUSTO’s performance clothing, which launched in 1965, changing the agenda.

The brand’s founder Keith Musto — a sailor and Olympic Silver Medallist — was frustrated by his sport’s acceptance of Guernsey sweaters and old flannel trousers as competitive kit.  He was determined to move the sport on, setting up a company to create comfortable, durable and practical clothing.  “We wanted protection, freedom of movement and comfort in as few layers as possible,” says Keith.  “Basically it was a case of constant innovation.  We were always coming up against problems that needed solving.”  Since its humble beginnings, working out of a former prisoner of war hut in Essex, the brand has embraced modern technology and innovation like no other.  Today it is universally recognised in the yachting world as a world leader in sailing apparel.

These days, specialist sailing gear is still at the core of what MUSTO does, kitting out Olympians and fair weather sailors alike — however, it has recently created its lifestyle collection (which includes rugby and polo shirts, cargo pants and jackets).  It’s as desirable to land-lubbers as it is old salts.  We enlisted two members of Skandia Team GBR, the British Sailing Team in the Olympic and Paralympic classes, to put the newly launched range through its paces.  Ed Wright, one of the world’s highest ranked Finn sailors, and Weymouth-based Olympic Windsurfer Nick Dempsey, were quick to voice their impressions of the newly launched collection.

“When I’m not in my MUSTO foul weather sailing kit, I usually dress in jeans and T-shirt,” says Wright.  “But because I’m well built, it’s difficult to find the right casual clothes.”

Dempsey meanwhile is more forthright in what ticks his casual attire box.  “For relaxed style I’m all about the checked shirt and jeans,” he says, straight away selecting a brushed cotton checked shirt from the new autumn/winter range.  He nods approvingly.  “I really like this look,” he says.  A navy Melton wool pea coat also proves to be a hit.  “This looks great — not too formal, but smart enough to wear out.”

Wright has a flash of style inspiration: “It’s all about layering right?” he says, pulling on a quilted gilet over a Breton striped sweater.  But it’s Dempsey who gets the last word when he spots a distressed red cable-knit sweater, a piece Wright has also had his eye on.  “It makes such a difference when you feel easy in the clothes.  The sea plays a really important part in my life and these clothes have an authentic heritage, which jumps out as being nautical.”

If the enthusiasm for the new range from these two champion sailors is anything to go by, then the collection a resounding hit.  But if you need any further proof that MUSTO has successfully made the transition from high seas to highly desirable, then check out the luxurious Deck Coat, below.  See you in the queue.’

Limited Edition Deck Coat#, £500

MUSTO make the best jackets in the world, Loro Piana makes the best fabric in the world – for AW2011 we have combined our classic deck coat with the technical expertise and luxury reputation of Loro Piana to create a waterproof, breathable coat that looks and feels fantastic. The Loro Piana Storm System fabric provides the wearer with a garment that is warm, versatile and comfortable enough to be worn in a wide variety of weather conditions.


We’ve edited MUSTO’s autumn/winter lifestyle collection down to the five key pieces that we most want to own — robust yet luxurious jackets, rugged knits and the bag to hold them in.  Top of the list is the Deck Coat, famed for its superb material — only 500 of this exact style have been made, making this waterproof, breathable jacket all the more desirable.  The Heritage Parka is the perfect weekend piece: made from waxed British cotton, its functional aesthetic is clearly reminiscent of the brand’s nautical roots.  We’re also keen on the tough-looking knits (especially the Fastnet in Ensign Red), which are right on trend for this season’s off-duty fisherman look. (+44 1268 495 824 musto.com)’

Heritage Parka, £350

Our heritage parka is inspired by the days when sailors took to the ocean in oilskins, geurnsey wool sweaters and wool flannel trousers.  It evokes the times when sailors took to oiling their canvas smocks as a crude protection from the inhospitable conditions of the sea.  Our version is made from finest British wax cotton and lined in hardwearing cotton.  Rugged metal zips and leather trims complete the look.


Edinburgh Rib Neck Knit, £90

Practical, premium quality knit with high button up neckline ideal for keeping the elements at bay.

Fastnet Cable Knit, £90

Inspired by the cable knits of the past, this chunky knit has a contemporary fit with marine heritage styling.

Vintage Holdall, £90

Roomy, rugged and new for AW2010 our vintage holdall is just what you need for work or travel with tough canvas and luxurious leather perfectly combining style and practicality.

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