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In the Press: Musto Sailing Gloves

Our gloves are featured in Motor Boats Monthly’s New Gear pages in the May issue:


When you’re out on the water, exposed hands result in heat loss.  With this in mind MUSTO has overhauled its nautical glove range for 2011, and using the latest technologies its products claim to keep hands warm and protected, while maintaining dexterity.  The seven new styles are designed for a variety of conditions and are priced from £13 up to £60 for the top of the range Waterproof OutDry.

The Winter Glove combines thinsulate micro-fleece, a waterproof membrane and a leather palm to provide grip and keep the hands warm, while for RIB drivers there is the grippy Amara Glove.

The range also includes the Polartec Gloves, Short Finger Performance Amara Gloves, Offshore Gloves and Long Finger Performance Gloves.  They are available in different colours and sizes.’


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