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In the Press: Recoil Remedy

In the Summer 2010 issue of Field Sports Magazine, there is an article about MUSTO’s answer for smoother shooting:

‘If you suffer from recoil, MUSTO might just have the answer.  It has a new recoil shield which is claimed to offer greater protection than anything now on the market.

Charlie Bird, the company’s country clothing product manager, unearthed a product called d30, which was being considered for use in hockey clothing (for elbows and knees).  MUSTO’s research and development department saw the potential, made contact with the manufacturers, and secured rights for its use in shooting and sailing products.  It is now also being looked at by the government and police for riot gear.  So what is it?

Simply, it is a specially engineered material made with ‘intelligent’ molecules.  The pad’s internal molecules are flexible and flow with the wearer as they move, but lock together on impact and then return to their fluid state afterwards.  This process absorbs energy and provides superior protection from a recoiling gun.

Charlie explained: “d30 outperforms conventional soft foam of the same thickness on impact by up to six times.”

MUSTO is using it in its shooting vests, but is also making a recoil shield with straps which can be neatly fitted under a shooting jacket, whether game shooting or stalking.  Or maybe under your sweater – a practice popular with overseas visitors on shoots in the west country.

I shot a Sako .270 at the West London Shooting School rifle range while wearing a pad and the lack of felt recoil was quite remarkable.

Jonathan Irby from the WLSS said: “Many people who shoot fear recoil.  If properly taught it should not be a problem, but some people are very sensitive to it.  Equally, some people wish to fire a big rifle or heavy cartridge.  We have always used traditional shoulder pads at the school but the new d30 is quite staggering.  It makes a huge difference and for anybody who suffers from recoil or simply wishes to reduce it, there’s nothing better.”

Indeed, it could be a positive boon for those hot weather early season days or later on for high bird shooting and the heavy loads which that entails.

The MUSTO d30 Recoil Shield is priced at £25.  For other details, see musto.com (search code ACO600).’

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