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In the Press: Shooting Clothing Review in Lusso Magazine

British luxury lifestyle magazine Lusso featured a review of our current shooting season in an article called ‘50 Brace and a Murder Most Gruesome (you’ll have to read on so that makes sense…):

‘Since its inception in 1964, the Musto clothing company has gone out of its way to disprove the maxim that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.  Most notably in the world of sailing but also in that other Great British sporting pastime that regularly suffers the indignities of a British Winter – pheasant shooting.

The current Winter collection includes some notable additions, a machine washable Tweed Shooting Jacket with matching breeches, a pair of boots literally worth dying for and, for those who insist on persisiting with the trusty horse kick of a 12 bore, an innovative recoil shield that reacts on impact.

The best-selling machine washable tweed jacket

The shooting jacket and breeches come in muted Kenway tweed and are cut from the finest Scottish cloth.  More importantly, for anyone used to reproaching their attire when muffing that side on cock, considerably lighter than your standard tweed, especially as they are wind and waterproof.

The d30 Recoil Sheild is constructed from a specially engineered material that is reputedly up to six times more effectibe at dissipating a gun’s recoil than conventional foam.  I hesitate to apply the term ‘intelligent’ to an inanimate obkect, but the d30 apparently reacts to impact, the molecules locking together and dissipating the kick, before returning to their initial soft, foam-like state.  Indispensible for the bruising demands of clay pigeon shooting and being reversible will fit both left and right-handed guns.

… And the matching breeks

But what really caused a stir amongst the gentleman guns of the Elsing Sporting, where I chose to flout my new sporting attire, were my rather dashing Buckden Boots.  Crafted from Chestnut leather they were initially described as ‘Spanish’ – which I took to be an insult originating from Elizabethan times, but from there on after were most favourably commented upon.

The highly-covetable Buckden shooting boots

So much so that towards the end of the day there were mutterings that a careless shot might accidentally befall me, with the added implication that my prized boots would be removed before the arrival of the local constabulary.  A good enough plot for the Midsomer Murders if I’ve ever heard one.’

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