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In the Press: Shooting Jacket and Breeks in Sporting Gun

Ian Mason at Sporting Gun gave our machine washable shooting gear a glowing review in the March issue:

MUSTO Lightweight Machine Washable Tweed Jacket, £450 and Breeks £225

‘With an uncharacteristically mild start to the game season, I was despairing of seeing weather extreme enough to give this coat a decent challenge.  Late November’s chill changed all that.  Following many outings since then, my verdict is that the boffins at MUSTO seem to up their game annually. 

Despite being extremely light, this coat ticks all the right boxes.  The new ‘Kenway’ Tweed is smart but unobtrusive.  On a day with biblical rain (a traditional ‘two coat’ day) the Musto kept me snug and dry.  Following a fall in the slush-filled gully, the coat has been machine washed without affecting its weather proofing.  It has plenty of really useful pockets and the sleeves have an action back for an unfettered gun swing. 

Nice features on a blistering cold day are knuckle length inner sleeve cuffs and a high wind-stopping collar into which your head can retreat tortoise-like.  Expensive, but this outfit will give you years of wear – just don’t put any weight on!’


MUSTO has developed a Lightweight Machine Washable (30 degree) Tweed Jacket and Breeks.  Available in the new Kenway colour.  This shooting suit offers great camouflage in the field and great protection from the elements.


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