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In the Press: The Choice for Best Sailing & Outdoor Clothing is Clear

Harriet Waverley wrote an article over the weekend on clothing website Comparing Fashion called ‘The Choice for the Best Sailing and Outdoor Sports Clothing is Clear’.  We’re pleased to hear!

The full article is below:

‘Sport and adventure tend to be enjoyed worldwide.  With such an assortment of diverse pursuits, it’s possible to enjoy and also challenge ourselves in several different ways, individually or as part of a team.

As well as the mental and physical challenge provided by mosts sports activities, pursuits like sailing and horse riding also provide an unpredictable aspect which participants enjoy.  Whether it is the need to control an animal, or perhaps the forces of nature, success and victory can only be achieved by mastering a number of factors – as well as oneself.

For spectators, it’s hard not to wonder at the utter stamina of yachtsmen and women, or perhaps if you watch horse and rider working together in perfect harmony.  For the individuals who enjoy these sporting activities, this is all part of the interest.  But there’s a lot more to performing near the top of these sports than just developing the required skills.

In order to provide the very best performance, for themselves, their team and the spectators, sports women and men require the very best equipment.  Riders have to have comfortable as well as functional apparel which enables them to always look their best.  Sailors need to have practical clothing which will protect them from all of the elements.

Any clothing manufacturer needs to understand just what it is their potential customers want – whether they care more about the comfort and style of outdoor leisure wear, or perhaps the durability and performance of the clothing and attire required for professional competition.  So no matter what your requirements from your sailing and outdoor activities, it pays to pick the best equipment.

MUSTO has been equipping ocean adventurers and riders with the very best clothes for many years, and continues to combine the understanding that comes from a good sporting history, with the excellence and innovation required to meet the current day challenges of such demanding sports activities.

The fact that those who enjoy their sailing and outdoor sporting activities, at all levels, opt for MUSTO time and time again, shows their commitment to delivering the clothing as well as equipment their customers need.  And it’s this dedication which has helped them become the top sailing and outdoor sports brand name in the country.

MUSTO has established its reputation on offering quality, style and performance, so whether your requirements are professional or purely leisure, horse riding clothing from MUSTO are guaranteed to provide all you need.

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