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In the Press: Tweed Jacket and d3o Recoil Shield

Two MUSTO items are featured in an article about the best Christmas presents in The Gun Trade News:

MUSTO d3o Recoil Shield, £25

‘MUSTO’s recoil shield offers top technology at a bargain price. First, here’s the science bit: boffins developed d3o, a specially engineered padding material with intelligent molecules that are flexible, moving with the wearer, but lock together to harden on impact before reverting to their fluid state. In layman’s terms: it’s soft and wearable but tough, with no let up on recoil. Musto says it outperforms conventional foam recoil pads in tests by up to six times.

Technophile or not, it’s a dream come true for clay and even rifle shooters.’


Machine Washable Tweed Jacket, £450

‘MUSTO’s machine-washable tweed is a must-have.  Its specially developed tweed wool retains its colour and texture after a wash, and doesn’t become matted.  It’s a groundbreaking technical clothing development –  that also happens to be highly wearable. Warm, windproof and breathable, it comes in the new Kenway tweed colour scheme.’


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