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In the Press: Waterproof OutDry sailing Gloves

There’s a good review of our Waterproof OutDry Gloves in the current issue of Yachts and Yachting magazine:

‘MUSTO’s new OutDry gloves are the first to be made from a breathable fabric, writes Kass Schmitt.  The shell is a mix of 60% PVC, 26% polyester and 14% cotton that provides both comfort and flexibility, while the inners are 100% polyurethane for insulation.  Grip is provided by nylon reinforced palms and detailing around the fingers.  This has a rubberized texture that proved effective on a number of boats from small keelboats to overnight passages on large yachts.  It’s certainly a combination that works well, with good comfort, warmth and feel when handling ropes, the only downside rather long for me, which meant fine control that relies on using finger tips, such as when undoing shackles can be awkward.

The breathability is a worthwhile feature and it’s certainly nice to minimize the chances of getting clammy, sweaty hands on a long night watch.  It’s an innovation to be applauded – sailing gloves take more of a battering than any other technical clothing, so it’s not easy to make them from breathable materials.  However, at £60 you’d need to suffer badly from cold hands to make it worthwhile.’

We are proud to present our first fully waterproof, breathable sailing glove.  The OutDry® membrane is bonded to the nylon shell fabric, sealing out water, wind, and cold.  Featuring seamless fingertips and a bonded membrane to the inside of the glove which seals out water, wind and cold.

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