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In the Summer 2011 issue of Yachting Monthly magazine, there’s a great new gear test on women’s oilies and we’re pleased to read that MUSTO emerged as the best:

The manufacturers have finally responded to the market’s demands, but which ones work best?  Kirsty Mearns finds out

Technical clothing giants MUSTO and Henri Lloyd have each released new oilskins, tailored to fit a female body shape, with two side zips on the trousers to enable lady sailors to use the heads without having to remove them completely.  The oilskins were assessed over the course of one year, which included a three-month cruise around Scotland.

The test included a variety of sea and weather conditions, from sailing in near freezing temperatures to near gale force winds and rain.’

MUSTO MPX Dropseat Trousers

Both the trousers and the jacket are nicely tailored to fit, so these oilies are more flattering to the female form than men’s oilskins.  However, in my opinion the side-fastening zips are more a feature than a benefit.  When using the heads in a boat that is rolling or heeled over, they offer no particular practical benefit as it is difficult to zip them up while using one hand to steady yourself.  The jacket is quite warm and the fleece-lined pockets are a nice feature, helping to keep your hands warm when it isn’t practical to wear gloves.  The jacket fits well, but it’s almost impossible to fasten the zip all the way to the top as the fit is too snug around the neck.  This is irritating on a cold winter’s day when you want to be able to wear a scarf and zip the jacket up to stop the icy cold wind blowing down your neck.  The material does have a good amount of give in it, meaning you can run around the deck or tie up on the pontoon with ease.

Price Ladies MPX Offshore Jacket, £400 – available in Platinum/ Dark Grey and Red/ Dark Grey; Trousers, £270 – available in Red and Platinum’


Both sets were completely waterproof, even in rough conditions with waves breaking over the deck.  Overall, if I had to choose between them, I would pick the MUSTOs as they are more comfortable to wear, particularly on long journeys.  Being warmer, they are also more versatile.  I tend to use the Henri Lloyds on shorter journeys when warmth is less critical and a more lightweight jacket is needed.’


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