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Join us at the Eileen Ramsay book launch!

Adlard Coles invites you to celebrate the new Queen of Yachting Photography book from Eileen Ramsay, the pioneering yachting photographer during the 1950s and 60s, at a launch event at our Cowes store between 4-6pm on Tuesday 14 August.

Eileen Ramsay was at the centre of a unique period in yachting history, and this wonderful book, featuring her classic photography, celebrates an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary subjects. Eileen’s heyday was at a time when eccentrics ruled, records were there for the setting, and women weren’t often to be found behind the lens. But Eileen established herself as one of the greatest yachting photographers of her time, taking famous portraits of sailing icons like Francis Chichester and Eric Tabarly, and Olympic medallists, including Charles Curry, Keith Musto and Rodney Pattisson.

Her unique archive records the explosive growth in dinghy and offshore sailing during post-war years, and includes pictures of the first Enterprises, Mirrors, Ospreys, Optimists, the first America’s Cup 12 metre yachts Sceptre and Evaine and successive Cowes Weeks from 1950  through to 1970.

Eileen, now 96, can remember just about every photograph and relate an anecdote about each one. Many of these memories are also recorded in the book.

The book, written by Barry Pickthall, also includes tributes from her famous subjects and fellow photographers like Kenneth Beken who writes: “Between the 50s and 70s, Eileen Ramsay carved a name for herself with creative skills shouting out from her studies. Eileen certainly had the eye for a good photo and the sailing world was all the poorer for her retirement. Fortunately, her archive has now been saved for posterity and I for one, look forward to the release of more of her work.”

The Eileen Ramsay archive has now been catalogued by PPL Photo Agency, allowing those with an interest, to search on line for boats by name, event, number or type. Many of her iconic pictures have also been scanned and can be viewed online on the same website.

Eileen Ramsay – the Queen of Yachting Photography, is a spectacular celebration of a pioneering photographer and a fascinating time in yachting history.

4-6pm on Tuesday 14 August

MUSTO, 125 High Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 7AY

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