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Know your MUSTO BR1s from your MPX?

Keith Musto first started developing clothing for his own Olympic campaign in 1964. After winning a silver medal for Great Britain, he returned home to develop sailing clothing using his intimate understanding of the sport with his technical engineering skills.

Musto has been equipping world class sailors ever since and have built a reputation on creating quality, innovative, performance-driven clothing to meet sailor’s needs, even in the most extreme conditions. Today, Musto offers a full range of technical sailing clothes designed specifically to meet the various requirements of your sailing, your type of boat and the conditions that you may encounter. Here’s a guide to what you might need…


Engineered using 3-layer GORETEX® Pro product technology for maximum ruggedness to withstand extended use in extreme conditions. The Ocean Technology® membrane is 3x thicker than the standard GORE-TEX® membrane and all components have strict performance specifications to ensure optimum strength. GORE™ Micro Grid Backer technology improves garment comfort and performance using an innovative internal backer fabric. This technology improves internal abrasion and snag resistance, enhances garment breathability and decreases garment weight. It also allows the garment to slide easily over mid-layers.


Constructed using 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro product technology for superior breathability, durability and waterproofness. The GORE-TEX® membrane is 2x thicker than the standard GORE-TEX® membrane and garments are designed to be the best protection for prolonged periods facing foul weather conditions. MPX Race garments feature Stretch GORE-TEX® fabric panels to offer greater freedom of movement for high activity racing. GORE-TEX® Pro garments must pass GORE’s toughest test conditions and most aggressive rainstorm test.


Fabricated from a lightweight 3-layer GORE-TEX® for high activity sailing in warmer conditions. LPX garments are stripped-out and lightweight, just like high performance sailing boats. This unique 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric is exclusive to Musto in the marine market and offers extreme breathability, wind and waterproof protection. These lightweight garments are the ideal solution for day sailing, travel, hiking, golf or other activities where space and weight are critical. A protective layer on the inside of the GORE-TEX® membrane makes a separate lining unnecessary. The result: high performance, minimum weight and pack volume.


BR2 waterproof fabric is an innovative 2 layer Nylon microporous coated fabric with a polyester mesh lining. The fabric breathes by allowing moisture from the warm high humidity zone around the body to escape through microscopic holes which are too small for water to penetrate. The fabric is also treated with a DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) forcing water to bead and run off.


BR1 fabrics have a durable hydrophilic coating which ‘breathes’ by absorbing moisture from the warm high humidity zone and chemically driving it outwards and away from the body. The fabric is also treated with a DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) forcing water to bead and run off.


Musto Evolution garments have been stylishly designed to appeal to the active outdoor enthusiast, using performance fabrics and incorporating hi-tech features inspired by the technical sailing collections. Garments also follow the 3-layer system with base, middle and outer layers to suit the climate and activity undertaken.


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