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Meet the brand that battles the elements and looks damn cool

MUSTO is a stylish sports brand and the official suppliers to the British Olympic sailing team.

Keeping our sailors, shooters and equestrians dry, warm and comfy, MUSTO mix function with fashion.  Even royalty are wearing this.

Established in 1964 by Olympic sailor and Essex boy Keith Musto, who would not accept that being cold and wet were necessary inconveniences of sailing.  Today they’re still leading the way in high-performance clothing.

The gear
The heritage look includes check shirts, chinos, gilets, rugby jerseys and hoodies.  Available in stores or directly via the MUSTO website.

Favoured by
Rugby star James Haskell and Prince Harry.

Up and coming
Its innovative and high-quality clothing is fast becoming a must-have – whether you’re a farmer or living on a London council estate.

Visit their website at musto.com

(Originally published in Loaded magazine)

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