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It’s been a busy month, to say the least. Since my last blog, I’ve been really encouraged by the general progress the horses have made.

High Kingdom was 5th at Saumur, which I was very happy with. That was great result for us. Things didn’t quite go to plan with Silver Lining and Lord Lauries at Tattersalls the week after, but that’s the way things go sometimes. People often ask me how you go about identifying the right horses for competition. You look for a good brain. They obviously need to be athletic, but it’s also important that they have real character. They all need to move well and jump – there’s no phase now that you can afford to be weak in if you want to be successful.

My main concern at this stage is working with my horses. I don’t really concern myself with how everyone else is performing, or thinking about the competition for places in the team for 2012. All the riders know each other quite well and I think everyone is working to the same goal. It’s really about your personal success and the preparation you have to do to try and produce your best result.

Musto ambassador Zara Phillips and David Beckham for the Samsung London Olympics launch (Picture: AP)

Away from the yard and competition I launched the Torchbearer Hunt for the London Olympics with David Beckham and Samsung. The idea is to give people the opportunity to nominate unsung heroes from the community so they can get involved in the Olympic Torch relay for 2012.

It was great to meet David Beckham, he is an amazing ambassador for sport and it was a great honour to launch this great initiative with him.  It is a really good thing to be involved with, a fantastic way for a wide range of people to get involved with the Games so hopefully we can get even more people to be part of this amazing sporting event.

I have competitions throughout July, so I am busy right up to my wedding day and afterwards as well, right through till October.  I’ll be competing at Gatcombe the week afterwards too, so there is lots on! Straight after that I’ll be launching the Autumn Winter 11 collection of my ZP176 range for Musto. It’ll be really exciting to see what people make of it – they’ll be able to buy items from the range at Gatcombe a few days later. And I’ll be competing there as well, so it’s all go!

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