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Letter from our shooting competition winner

Our shooting competition to win prizes from WLSS, Land Rover, Pol Roger and GWCT has run its course.  Mr Starbuck from Hampshire was this year’s delighted winner.

Not only did he get to choose a complete MUSTO wardrobe, but he experienced a West London Shooting School Game Flyer Day, a trip round the GWCT’s Loddington demonstration farm, with an overnight stay arrange by Guns on Pegs, as well as insurance for next season.  There was also an off road driving experience courtesy of Land Rover and to cap it all Champagne from Pol Roger.

23 April – My wife, Gail and I travelled to the Land Rover Experience Centre located at Eastnor Castle, near Tetbury in the Cotswolds.
We had booked a half-day off-roading course in a Land Rover Freelander. I have participated in several such events in the past so this was a perfect opportunity for Gail to take her turn behind the wheel.
We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and Gail was tutored by Land Rover’s Instructor – Paulo who, through a combination of tact, patience and good humour soon had Gail driving like a veteran performer over some challenging terrain.
The performance of the Freelander was superb and the course really demonstrated the full capability of the vehicle.’

4 May - It was a great pleasure to attend the Game Flyer Day at Chavenage House in Gloucestershire organised by the West London Shooting School under the able supervision of Roddy Richmond-Watson.
14 guns attended the shoot taking turns to shoot 4 drives and a flush event. The drives presented some very challenging targets but the standard of shooting on the day was extremely high and nobody could complain that they had not shot enough cartridges by the end of the last drive!
I was shooting a breach loading hammer gun of c. 1880 vintage made by Hume of Dumfries which further added to the enjoyment of the day.
With a combination of warm, sunny weather, excellent hospitality by the Lowsley-Williams family, and good company set against the backdrop of a beautiful historic house and grounds this was truly a day to remember.

9 June - I was privileged to join Dr Andrew Hoodless from the GWCT on one of his scheduled Woodcock counts to help collate data on Woodcock behaviour and numbers as part of an ongoing long-term study.’

‘From a venue in a clearing of some mixed woodland on an estate near Alton in Hampshire we were able to see roding displays and had a total of 29 sightings between 8.30 and 10.30pm.

Although I have had a long fascination with Woodcock having shot them in Hampshire, Somerset and Scotland, I had never seen their curious roding display before as the birds passed over us emitting a mix of frog-like croaking and high pitched squeaking.’

‘The evening was an unforgettable experience made richer by Andrew’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of such a wonderful species.

I’m afraid that I haven’t sampled the Pol Roger yet but plan to do so shortly!  Similarly I am looking forward to the colder weather to really get the best out of the MUSTO clothing.’

We’ll be running other exciting shooting competitions throughout the year so keep checking musto.com.

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