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LOCK, STOCK & APPAREL: Musto in Esquire

Taken from the latest issue of Esquire magazine:


Beneath the tweedy sheen of polite, gentlemanly behaviour and cordial days in the countryside, hunting is all about men shooting guns.  Shooting guns at things – live or clay.  What really matters is the “shooting” bit; a primal pleasure in which every real man should indulge.  And, with the right kit (just in time for the grouse season), you may well end up top gun.’


When MUSTO came across D30, especially engineered material, let’s pretend they celebrated by shooting lots of guns in the air – but no one would have been sore the next morning.  This amazing substance is designed to absorb the impact from a recoiling gun.  Basically, the molecules in D30 are flexible and flow with the wearer as they move, but lock together on impact, then return to their fluid state afterwards.

We tried a day’s shooting wearing a D30 recoil shield and it works – shockingly well.’

 MUSTO D30 Recoil Shield, £30

Our innovative recoil shield is designed to significantly absorb the impact from firing your gun. We have added D3O® which is a specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules. They flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb the impact energy. See D3O.com to see this incredible technology in action. Designed to fit left and right handed shots.


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