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One Man and his Fenland Packaway Jacket

As a trainer of gundogs and their handlers I spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Having suitable clothing to wear is key to keeping me warm and/or cool, dry and comfortable.

Throughout this summer the weather has been mostly dry and very hot, however there have also been occasions when we have experienced a sudden downpour.  The Fenland Packaway Jacket that I was asked to wearer trial proved useful for these sudden weather changes. On several weekends during the summer I have run training classes for handlers and whenever the weather looked doubtful I made sure that the Fenland was packed into my dummy bag. It received many admiring looks from pupils who were not as suitably kitted out for the sudden weather change, especially when we had heavy downpours that usually lasted for about 5 minutes each between periods of bright sunshine.

In those conditions it was ideal, being lightweight and cool in the sunshine but keeping me bone dry and comfortable in the showers. It is definitely proving to be a very useful bit of kit for me this summer and early autumn when out with the dogs, either for training or just exercise. The fact that it folds into an inbuilt pocket for easy stowage in a game or dummy bag is also a real bonus.

Fenland Packaway Jacket - MUSTO

I also like its colour and traditional styling and therefore am confident it will prove to be just as big a hit on those early Partridge days when out picking up.  As a layering piece and following the principles established by Musto in their sailing market, it should also prove invaluable when the weather turns colder.  Worn with Musto fleece and thermals it will make up a really light, waterproof and breathable clothing system, which will come into its own on even the flattest shoot.

Ian Clinton – The Working Dog Company & Shooting Times Contributor

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