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Mike Golding and Gamesa in the Transat Jacques Vabre

After a week at sea, Gamesa & Banque Populaire are battling to hold 3rd position in the Transat Jacques Vabre IMOCA class today.

Tired after what Golding described this morning as their hardest working day yet on the TJV, Gamesa have reaped a reward for their breakaway course to the north of the main group of IMOCA 60s and have climbed up from seventh a couple of days ago.

After a few hours of slow progress the decision was taken to sail back north and into the stronger breeze that remains from the system of a few days ago. We were hoping to be in the (weak) trade winds this evening but instead we are on the wind and fighting to stay above the area of light winds to our south. Still a sighting of our first flying fish this evening was (according the Bruno) heralding the arrival of the Trade Winds. We celebrated with a glass (actually a water bottle cut in half) of Sauvignon Rouge and saucisson – very civilised after what feels like a brutal week of sailing since Le Havre.

The 3 fleets in the TJV have seen some tough conditions since the race left Le Havre last Wednesday bound for Costa Rica.  Daily reports of 60 knot winds and towering waves which have left a wave of destruction with many boats forced to retire due to damage – including Vincent Riou/Hugues Destremau aboard PRB and Sam Goodchild/Ned Collier Wakefield on Concise 2 who were at the time leading the Class 40.

The start of the TJV race last week

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