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Mix & match menswear in Men’s Health magazine

‘Select a winning outfit for summer’s top sporting events.  Recreate these looks exactly or cut along the scissor lines and fold for new combinations.’

MUSTO men's jacket in Men's Health magazine

‘If you’re hopping on and off boats or doing anything active involving water this summer (no, the Super Soaker 3000 doesn’t count), you’ll need kit that both looks and acts the part. “A block-colour technical mac is a useful spring-to-autumn coat option and can easily be packed as part of carry-on luggage.” says Simon Chilvers, menswear director at Matches Fashion.

The MUSTO jacket pictured here is completely waterproof and breathable so you’ll stay dry both outside and inside. “Swimming shorts that have quick-dry properties are worth the money too as they double as an extra pair of tailored shorts. And don’t overlook accessories for a cost-effective way to change things up. A pair of good quality sunglasses, a colourful bag and a watch enlivened with some bright bracelets will all pep up a plainer outfit.”

(Originally published in Men’s Health magazine)


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