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Musto equestrian ambassador updates

Two of our equestrian student ambassadors wrote to us this week updating us on what they’re getting up to at the moment:

Banner with Devon keeping snug in a MUSTO hoody

Devon Perfect, at Loughborough University:

‘After a great Christmas and new year, I have just been getting back into riding Banner, our trotter gelding. We went on some lovely hacks through the woods and had great fun jumping all of the fallen logs littered around! I also had the exciting opportunity to go and follow the hunt, as a friend was taking her 6 year old on his first hunt. Zack was very well behaved and it was a great experience as I had never been to a hunt meet before!

Unfortunately, it’s exam time now so I am rushed off of my feet trying to revise for my exams and squeeze in riding Rupert, the 16.2, 6 year old warm blood I have on loan here a few days a week. Fortunately for me though, after exams are over I am starting the exciting task of looking for a horse for myself, so am really looking forward to that!’

Harriet Bowyer, at Exeter University:

‘Being a third year the work load is pretty intense and to reward myself for all the hard work I put in I have started buying myself a present after a deadline…  Over Christmas I gave myself a pretty big present…  These beautiful equestrian style boots that I am simply in love with!  They are really comfortable and look great and are a great addition to my increasingly large collection of shoes.

I am also trying to make the most of my last few months in Exeter and do all the things the city has to offer, one of which is the underground passages.  These passages were the routes of Exeter’s water supply and ran underneath the streets of the city centre.  The tunnels became very small in places – I had to almost crawl through some parts and in places you could hear the traffic overhead.  With a student price of about £4 you couldn’t go wrong.

Before the end of term I plan to go to the Ramm Museum, which has just opened up after a four year refurbishment. The museum hosts a history of Exeter’s past, as well as history worldwide.  Besides this as website co-ordinator for the riding club I am currently updating the website and in talks about our annual end of season dinner…  Exciting times ahead!’


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