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Musto featured on the cover of HELLO! magazine

Zara Phillips looks fabulous wearing the ZP176 Graphic Hoody on the front cover of the latest issue of Hello magazine.  In the accompanying article, she talks about becoming Mrs Tindall, her ‘amazing’ wedding day and why ‘the honeymoon is going to have to wait’.  Read more below:

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‘Speaking for the first time about her ‘amazing’ wedding ZARA PHILLIPS on walking down the aisle and being Mrs Tindall – but why babies will have to wait

Whilst most new brides would spend the week after their wedding relaxing on the beach, kicking their heels and contemplating life with their new husband, Zara Phillips is anything but conventional.

It is just 72 hours after the nation was treated to the second royal wedding of the year, at the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh.  However, the 30-year-old bride, who is 13th in line to the throne, is explaining to a selec few – including HELLO! – just why the new Mrs Michael James Tindall is not pampering herself in some paradise destination.

“I had an amazing day and I am tired,” she admits with a shrug of her lean but muscular shoulders.  “But both of us are back at work.  I am in the middle of the [eventing] season and Mike is at the start of his [as a rugby union international].  So the honeymoon is going to have to wait.”

The popular duo clearly had a ball at their celebration, which gathered royalty, sports and showbiz stars under one roof.  “I really enjoyed it.  To have all your friends there in one place, for both of us, was the best part of it,” Zara says.  But even a former Sports Personality of the Year, who is used to being in the limelight, felt a little nervous on her big day.  “Everyone looked really serious when I walked in,” she laughs.’


Arranging a high-profile event attended by, among others, her grandmother the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, would take its toll on any young bride.  However, three days after the Edinburgh nuptials, which Zara insists were not so different to William’s and Kate’s – “all the same people were there” – she shows little sign of post-wedding weariness.  But it was clearly an incredible party and a night that few of those present will ever forget.

Tweeting about the reception at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, rugby player Ollie Phillips wrote: “Highlight has 2 be chatting 2 our sovereign on the lawns of her house.”  While former England international Austin Healeyl, who played matchmaker to the couple in 2003, tweeted: “oh my god what a wedding!  I’m still smashed!”

But the blushing bride, whose blue eyes sparkle as brightly as her engagement diamon, is clearly made of sterner stuff.  When told by Channel 4′s Alice Plunkett that she looked “stunning” in her Stewart Parvin wedding dress, her response is razor sharp.  “I had a lot of work done,” she replies gesturing to her face, where her tongue is firmly in her cheek.

Somehow, it is difficult to imagine the down-to-earth sportswoman having – or indeed needing – cosmetic work.  Tanned, toned and brimming with health and happiness, the Queen’s granddaughter has already announced that professionally she will still be known as Zara Phillips.  “I’m very much Mrs Tindall, and will be privately and I’m sure publicly, but for professional and sponsors I’m going to keep Phillips – I’ll use both,” the former eventing world champion explains matter of factly.’


Indeed, Zara Phillips/ Tindall seems on top of the world at the launch of her first children’s equestrian collection in collaboration with MUSTO outdoor clothing.  The setting is a farm in the picture-perfect village of Upper Slaughter in Gloucestershire, near where the newlyweds live.

The new range, which is called ZP176 Kids (176 is the number she uses when she is competing for Team GB), is being modelled by two of her goddaughters.  Both Jaz Jocelyn, eight, and 11-year-old Nell Maude were also bridesmaids and Nell’s mother Dolly, who was Zara’s matron of honour, is on hand to offer support.

Six young girls aged seven to 13, all from the North Cotswold Hunt Pony Club, are also modelling the riding gear, and Zara puts them through their paces.  “Keep galloping, keep galloping,” she shouts encouragingly.

Working with members of the pony club brings back happy memories for Zara.  “That’s where it all started for me,” she says.  “The girls here today seem to love it as well.”

The fledgling designer is clearly thrilled with the MUSTO collaboration.  That, and the serious business of winning selection for the 2012 Olympics are, of course, the main reasons why the honeymoon has had to be put on hold.

Buoyed by recent results on her new steed High Kingdom (they came second in an event a week before the wedding), she still has to fulfil her “dream” of becoming part of Team GB, while Mike is dedicated to taking part in next month’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.  As Zara ruefully admits: “Truthfully, I don’t know when I’ll take my honeymoon.  We both work so hard we’ll have to wait until we’re retired.”‘


But the main purpose of meeting the press today is to launch the stylish new autumn-winter 2011 collection of outdoor gear for MUSTO.

“With the kids it is easier to put more colour in than for the adults,” Zara says of the range, which includes jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, hats and socks.

“I grew up wearing MUSTO, so the idea is to expand on what we had as kids.  It was more like making their range a bit like a version of mini-me.”

This is as far as her design ambitions go, however.  “It’s always nice to dress up but day in, day out, horse riding is what I do,” she says.  “These are the kind of clothes that I know and wear every day, so it was easier for me to do that.”

What with the Pony Club and her range of children’s clothing, the inevitable question about starting a family of her own is bound to come up.

But she bats aside such questions.  “I don’t get broody,” she says, laughing, and gets right back to work.’


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