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Musto Macnab Suit on the North Highland Gamekeeping Students

Twenty four gamekeeping students at North Highland College on the National Certificate Gamekeeping course have chosen the MUSTO Macnab suits as part of their personal protective equipment.

The students are placed on estates throughout Scotland – from the far North, to the Western Isles, East coast to the South West – where they learn about the gamekeeping profession.

The students are exposed to extreme weather throughout the year of their placement so the importance of high quality clothing is essential.

“I too as one of the tutors have a Macnab suit and I can’t fault it.  Recently on one of the field trips to Glenbucket Estate Strath Don Aberdeenshire, I was on the flank on a grouse drive in driving rain bitterly cold, where I was completely exposed for nearly 1 hour, the benefits of the suit were superb I was completely dry under my suit where many others were the exact opposite. I have been involved with the gamekeeping profession all my life over 40 years, have worn lots of different types of clothing, and this suit ticks all the boxes for me.” Richard MacNicol

Macnab Jacket and Macnab Breeks

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